Bushing, No Walk-Out Case O.S. (Machining Required) (Sonnax) 4L80E,TH400


Oversized bushing has an oversized outer diameter where it presses into the case
Made from high-quality bearing bronze
Flange on the transmission case side prevents bushing from pushing completely through the bore
Flange accurately locates and helps retain the selective washer
Machined oil grooves allow for a supply of lubricating oil to enter the extension housing as well as the transmission case
NOTE: The housing bore should measure between 2.1285″/2.1295″ in diameter for an ideal fit. If the
bore meets this measurement, use Sonnax standard-size bushing 34006-SP. See instructions for details.

SKU: S34064BAX



Width: 0.690″
Housing Bore: 2.171″
Shaft Dia.: 1.990″
Material: Bronze
Bushing Style: Precision
The OE case bushing in vehicles with a THM-400 or 4L80-E transmission tends to walk out of the housing bore. This allows the bushing to wander into the extension housing, leaves the output shaft unsupported, and may ruin the governor gear and cause case damage. Sonnax oversized case bushing 34006-OS for severly damaged cases is specially designed to remain in the case bore.


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